Just How Dirty Are your Hands?

There is a lot of talk these days about handwashing, particularly as it pertains to the spread of Coronavirus during current times. The fact is that handwashing is important for many reasons and the transmission...

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Aids that Make Transportation Easier

Accessibility and simply getting-around shouldn’t be difficult, but unfortunately, transportation can be a huge hurdle for those with physical limitations or mobility issues. Maintain quality of everyday life and preserve independence with aids that make...

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How Life Just Gets Easier with a Stairlift

There is no question regarding the fact that a stairlift increases accessibility, but exactly how does this mobility aid make life easier? The answers will vary, but common themes emerge that could surprise you! If...

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Hats Off to Veterans Everywhere

Veterans Day 2020 is the perfect time to pay tribute to and gratitude for our service members, past and present. Give thanks to a veteran for their sacrifice to support the freedoms that we enjoy...

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Winterizing Exterior Mobility Aids

When winter weather comes, it can wreak havoc on your exterior mobility aids, that is, any of your equipment that is exposed to the elements or weather. There are some specific ways to preserve and...

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Best Stairlift Deals For December 2020

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