Mobility Aids That Can Help You Age Well

Aging well can make the difference between asserting your own wishes and aging in place or being stuck with compromises to your quality of life. There are some simple ways to contribute to aging well...

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Let’s Talk About Stairlift Batteries

When it comes to your stairlift battery, you really have nothing to worry about if you have your equipment regularly maintained and inspected. Typically, the batteries have a limited number of charges and the expected...

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Small Mobility Aids that Have a Big Impact

Sometimes the smallest of aids and devices can make the biggest difference in everyday life. There are some select and small mobility aids that can have a big impact on autonomy, safety, and quality of...

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Are There Alternatives to Installing a Stairlift? 

 Sure, there are alternatives to installing a stairlift for enhanced accessibility and ease in the home. In fact, other options may make more sense in the distinctive environment or could be more feasible due to...

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Yes, You Can Experience Grief from a Loss of Mobility

There is a grieving process that accompanies a loss of mobility, and other disabilities. Loss of any kind takes a period of adjustment and implementation of innovation can improve quality of living in some situations. When you...

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The Importance of a Well-Ordered Home

If you want to enhance safety in and around the home, keep it simple, streamlined, and well-ordered. Make sure that there is ample access in and out of the dwelling, which will aid in emergency...

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Perfect Gifts to Celebrate Senior Citizens Day

National Senior Citizens Day is the perfect time to honor and gift someone you care about. Since 1988, August 21st has been set aside to commemorate this demographic; here are some useful and thoughtful gift...

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Utilizing Parks for Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic recreation engages individuals with recreational-type activities to enhance physical, mental, or developmental wellbeing. Parks and outdoor spaces are a great tool to utilize for therapeutic recreation plus, there is the added benefit of getting...

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The ROI (Return on Investment) of Stairlifts

Buying quality mobility aids and equipment is an investment but is it a prudent one? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’, and these devices can often be life-changing. A stairlift, for instance, promises returns on...

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