How your Vision Can Help or Hinder your Mobility Challenges

Seniors are most at-risk for vision issues, like cataracts, and this condition can contribute to an increased fall risk and subsequent complications. Impaired vision can create problematic scenarios that compromise the individual’s independence and autonomy....

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Disability Etiquette: Are you Doing It Right?

What is disability etiquette? Disability etiquette is a set of guidelines regarding engaging with individuals with disabilities. While political correctness is part of it, it is but one component of a larger human rights issue...

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How Rheumatoid Arthritis Limits Your Mobility

Do you live with the chronic pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)? RA does far more than cause discomfort and pain; it can limit mobility and impede independence, eventually impacting quality of life. Join others in...

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How Stairlifts Help Seniors Live A More Independent Life

Autonomy is the key to aging in place- and a concern of many seniors. Pay attention to issues surrounding and preventing autonomy, like accessibility, during the month of February, aptly named National Senior Independence Month....

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Celebrating Life Through Art

Celebrate the life you live through something that bring both joy and numerous holistic health advantages. Creativity is good for mental health, focus, and mindset; plus, it provides a purpose that is essential to healthy...

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Evaluating your Bath for Safety Issues

How safe is your bathroom? Are you able to access it with ease? January is Bath Safety Month and the perfect time to evaluate the baths in your home for safety issues. There are tips and tactics...

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