When Is the Right Time to Relocate a Stairlift?

When is the right time to relocate your stairlift? If you are moving, or if your accessibility needs have changed, it makes sense to uninstall and relocate your lift. There are times, however, when it...

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Mobility Aids for Peace of Mind

Mobility is important for autonomy, and if you face physical limitations, mobility aids are key. Furthermore, mobility aids- like walkers, wheelchairs, and lifts- can provide a sense of confidence and instill peace of mind, among...

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Is It Better to Rent or Buy a Stairlift?

Does it make sense to invest in a stairlift at this time, or is it better to rent? The answer to that question should consider factors including your medical condition, prognosis, and living situation. Another...

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Mobility Aids to Help After a Critical Illness

A critical illness is a serious condition whereas death could occur. During recovery from a critical illness, mobility aids help prevent further injury or complication, which is crucial during this phase of healing. Mobility aids may...

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Can You Install a Stairlift in a Rental Home? 

Wondering about installing a stairlift in a rental home? It can be done, but there are some steps that you should take first to ensure a smooth installation and utilization of your new lift. A...

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Here’s The Most Popular Mobility Aids and Why

Looking for mobility aids to make life more accessible? You have a lot of options, which do you choose? You may want to consider what others with similar situations or conditions have chosen, and why...

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