Challenging Stairway? We Have Creative Solutions

There is a stairlift and mobility solution for almost any stairway, steps, or risers that you want to make more accessible. Whether the stairs are curved or winding, or if they are outside in the...

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Planning-Ahead for Reduced Mobility

Nobody is getting any younger and many may be noticing changes in mobility or health needs. How can individuals plan now for this later? It makes good sense to plan ahead for reduced mobility and...

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Staying Emotionally Well with Limited Mobility

Physical limitations, disabilities, and chronic pain issues can take their toll on an individual’s emotional wellbeing. Day-in and day-out, challenges and struggles associated with limited mobility can be exhausting and impede quality of life. Try...

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How to Increase your Safety when Using a Wheelchair

Stay safe when using a wheelchair with some tips that can prevent problems and reduce the risks of a nasty fall. Be particularly cognizant of your surroundings to ensure terrain accommodates your chair- and that...

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Myths and Legends of Stairlifts

There are a lot of myths floating around in regard to stairlifts- are any of them true? Bruno stairlifts debunk many of these misnomers, providing top-quality mobility aids that are both reliable and inventive. If...

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Aids That Are Beneficial in Managing Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers can lead to dangerous sepsis, a blood infection that can be fatal. Are there ways to prevent pressure ulcers- or bedsores, as they are commonly called? Mobility aids could be key in reducing...

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Best Stairlift Deals For November 2021

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