Maintaining Social Wellness for The Homebound

It is simply a fact of life that socialization impacts overall health and wellbeing; that is, staying social and interacting with others across the lifespan is healthy and vital in maintaining quality of life as...

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Aids That Can Help Protect A Caregiver From Injury

Help protect those that care for and help your loved ones. Caregivers are at risk of injury every time they support, assist, or transport someone with physical disabilities or mobility issues. There are ways to...

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5 Things You May Not Have Considered About Fireworks

Summer is a time of festive get-togethers and gatherings, particularly as it gets close to Independence Day here in the US. Part of conventional celebration during the July 4th holiday is often fireworks. Fireworks can...

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Stairlifts Just Make Good Sense for So Many

When you look at your options for improving accessibility and safety around the home, stairlifts make good sense. They are easy to adapt, versatile for the environment, and more affordable than you might think. There...

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Best Stairlift Deals For July 2021

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