Wish You Could Use Your Pool Again? We Can Help!

Do you wish that you could use your pool again? Are mobility issues presenting challenges to utilizing and enjoying outdoor living space including your swimming pool? We can help! There are mobility aids and equipment...

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10 Good Reasons To Recognize Memorial Day This Year

Memorial Day is coming soon how will you observe the holiday? There are many reasons to recognize this important date, including the historical significance and the solidarity that the occasion evokes. Consider these ten good...

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Mobility Aids For Older Americans

Observe Older American Month in May by helping an older loved one access mobility aids that make everyday life easier. Accessibility is one of the barriers to aging in place facing many Americans. Mobility aids...

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Why We Are A Top-Rated Stairlift Provider

You have a lot of choices when shopping for mobility aids and devices. We want to help you! We are rated highly by consumers and customers widely, and we have been providing high-quality aids in...

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Beginning Steps To Make Your Home More Accessible

What are some things that you can do to begin making the home more accessible? The beginning steps are simple ones, but they are efforts that can make a big difference in accessibility and autonomy...

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Blending Mobility Aids With Fitness

If you live with mobility issues or physical limitations, fitness is even more important. There are routines and exercises that work perfectly with mobility aids to help you maintain a regimen for your holistic health...

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