Aids That Are Beneficial in Managing Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers can lead to dangerous sepsis, a blood infection that can be fatal. Are there ways to prevent pressure ulcers- or bedsores, as they are commonly called? Mobility aids could be key in reducing...

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Psoriasis and Mobility: What to Watch Out For

Did you know that there is a direct link between psoriasis and mobility? It is true- and there are some things that every individual should know about Psoriasis and how it may impact mobility among...

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Understanding the Basics of Stairlifts

Once you understand the basics of a stairlift, you will wonder why you did not install one sooner! These aids bring ease, convenience, and safety to the home- but actually do so much more to...

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Practicing Forgiveness to Make Your Days Better

Studies show that holding on to anger or refusing to forgive can have detrimental health effects- both physical and mental. Practice letting go of old vendettas, conflicts, or problems and see how truly liberating it...

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Maintaining Social Wellness for The Homebound

It is simply a fact of life that socialization impacts overall health and wellbeing; that is, staying social and interacting with others across the lifespan is healthy and vital in maintaining quality of life as...

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Best Stairlift Deals For September 2021

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